Friday, August 9, 2013

A Prison Wife Who Prays Ultimately keeps her foundation in order. I am inspired to inspire you and keep you encouraged. This walk wasn't made for everyone to walk. I believe you have to be hand picked to travel in these shoes. These are the shoes that many run from. This is a mind blowing ministry for me because I walk in the very shoes that you walk in. With that being said, I  created a list for us to put your inmates name on  for the Nation to see and we will all cover your loved ones up in Prayer! Tell someone about what we are doing and tell them to add their names to this International Prayer list for Prison Wives..My goal is to reach millions. We will all be standing in Agreement with you as God moves Mountains on your behalf.. Let us all Stand and believe for the Impossible..God bless! #Timeserved Love Lady SunShine